This area is in charge of the calibration and configuration of the different instruments associated to variables of the process like:

Pressure , Temperature, Level, Flow , Other

For that purpose, we rely on SAC certified standard equipment with INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) traceability.

In addition, we cover the check-up and reparation of instruments of different technologies (electronic, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) and of different industries (gas, oil, food, juice, pharmaceutic, mining, and others.) 

Some of our services are:

Instrumentation and control full-time maintenance in fields and plants 

In situ flow measurement with portable equipment

Pre-commissioning and commissioning of instruments on site

Development and provision of special applications in automatisms (boards for valve command; line breaks; high and low pressure line protections; ignition and regulation systems in heaters, boilers and ovens; sampling systems; development of data-entry register applications; etc.)